What --- (you do) after the lesson? - What are you doing after the lesson?, Where --- (you go) on your next holiday? - Where will you go on your next holiday?, --- (you see) your best friend this weekend? - Will you see your best friend this weekend?, Do you think it --- (be) warmer next week? - Do you think it will be warmer next week?, What do you hope you --- (do) next summer? - What do you hope you will do next summer?, Do you think people --- (use) electronic cars in the future? - Do you think people will use electronic cars in the future?, --- (you have) a party on your birthday this year? - Will you have a party on your birthday this year?, --- (you go out) this weekend? - Are you going out this weekend?,

New Horizons - B1 - Grammar - Lesson 24 - Practice - Ex. 5


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