Skeletal System - Provides support, protects, and makes blood cells., Muscular System - Provides movement., Integumentary System - Regulates body temperature, removes waste, senses the environment, keeps particles out., Respiratory System - To take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide., Circulatory System - Transports blood and nutrients throughout the body., Lymphatic System - To collect extracurricular fluid and return it to the blood., Digestive System - Breaks down food into nutrients for the body to use., Urinary System - Produces, stores, and eliminates urine and waste from the blood., Excretory System - Removes waste from the body., Endocrine System - To secrete hormones to support growth and development and maintain homeostasis., Nervous System - Senses and responds to internal and external environment., Male Reproductive System - To deliver sperm and produce testosterone., Female Reproductive System - Produce and nurture fertilized eggs and to produce estrogen.,




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