1) 1. I hate to throw _______________________ on your idea, but do you really think she will approve? a) sand b) water c) fire d) salt 2) 2. Once in a _______________________ I go to the theatre. a) blue sun b) blue day c) blue moon d) red moon 3) 3. Remember, half a _______________________ is better than none! a) roll b) sandwich c) loaf d) cup 4) Let's meet with Harry. We can kill two _______________________ with one stone. a) birds b) cats c) bees d) spiders 5) Tom blew the _______________________ on his colleague's illegal actions. a) flute b) whistle c) show d) wind 6) They're selling computers _______________________ cheap at Jack's Tech Shop. a) dirty b) dungy c) dirt d) very 7) If you need him, he can turn on a _______________________ and help you immediately. a) penny b) nickel c) dime d) quarter 8) I love sitting in front of an open fire. I feel as snug as _______________________ in a rug. a) tub b) bug c) lug d) thug 9) It doesn't help to remind him. It just goes in _______________________ and out the other. a) one hand b) one foot c) one ear d) one eye 10) Doesn't it seem like they are giving you _______________________ when you call tech support? a) the eye b) the ear c) the underdog d) the run-around




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