1) What is the main idea of this poem? 2) Who is telling/ narrating the poem? Is narrator part of the story? How do you know? 3) What is the mood of the poem? 4) How did the author's voice or tone help you decide the mood of the poem? 5) Which words or phrases in the poem stand out to you? 6) How is the poem organized: is it in lines, phrases, verses, stanzas, or any particular shape? 7) What images did you visualize as you read the poem? 8) Does this poem have a pattern or rhythm? 9) Does the title give you a clue to the poem's subject? 10) Why do you think the author chose this title? 11) What do you like about the poem? 12) How does the poem make you feel? 13) Is there any alliteration (where words start with the same sound)? 14) Is there any onomatopoeia (where words sound like its meaning)? 15) What did you learn from this poem?





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