1) What is the fastest land animal? a) Cheetah b) Dingo c) Leopard 2) What is the fastest aquatic animal? a) Dolphin b) Sailfish c) stingray 3) What is a sweet food made by bees? a) Baklava b) Honey c) brownies 4) How many legs does a lobster have? a) 10 b) 8 c) 2 5) What is the name of a group of stars that form an imaginary picture? a) Constellation b) milky way c) picture 6) Where did the Olympic games originate? a) Italy b) Greece c) Russia 7) In what sport do you use a driver, a putter, and a wedge ? a) Cricket b) golf c) Baseball 8) What is the most popular food in America a) Pizza b) Fried Chicken c) hot dogs 9) What food is the main ingredient in quacamole? a) Limes b) Avocado c) beans 10) Who is the largest chocolate manufacturer in the United States? a) Lindt b) Hershey c) Nestle 11) Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? a) Sponge Bob square pants b) Woody c) Buzz 12) What type of animal is Baloo in The Jungle Book? a) A bear b) A snake c) a Monkey 13) What are the color of the stars in the American flag? a) White b) Blue c) Red 14) What does NBA stand for? a) No Bats Allowed b) National Basketball Association c) National Baseball Association 15) What color flag is waved in motor racing to indicate the winner? a) red b) black and gree c) checkered 16) What color are the goal posts in football? a) Yellow b) red c) black 17) How long is a marathon? a) 26.2 miles b) 180 feet c) 32 miles 18) What color are the spots on a common ladybug? a) black b) white c) red 19) Which planet is closest to the sun? a) Mercury b) Venus c) Mars 20) Name one reason that honeybees are disappearing. a) They hibernated in Mexico b) Chemicals are killing them off. c) They are not reproducing enough offspring. 21) Ice cream was invented by Marco Polo? a) true b) False 22) Honeybees are bees that pollinate flowers? a) true b) false 23) Polar Fleece is a product made from what material? a) plastic b) wool c) cotton 24) Joseph Biden is an example of what kind of noun? a) common noun b) proper noun 25) Tennessee is a town in the United States? a) true b) false




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