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I was late for the class this morning_____ the bus was late - because, I usually go home at four o´clock,_______then I watch tv for an hour - and, i always study hard, ______ i get good marks - so, I am happy_______your achievement - for, I am happy ________ it`s sunny - when, SAm went to work______he ate breakfast - after, julia got up. ________, she went to school - then, ________i studied a lot, I did not pass the exam - although, _______ you pay me, I won`t come to work again - unless, I didn`t go to work, _______ I had a headache - since, juan does not like parties. _______ he is going this time - However, _______ the scientists made the research. Secondly, they use the hypothesis as the starting point. - Firstly, I like it, _____ it could be improved - yet, I watched tv, ________ of doing my homework - instead , he can call me ________. I do not mind - whenever, we___________ made it home after midnight - finally, he likes broccoli, _______ she hates it. - whereas,


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