1) What is a denotation? a) What something literally means b) An interpretation c) A dictionary d) An explanation 2) What is a line of appeal? a) A rhetorical question b) The audience c) Something that appeals t our desires or fears d) A dictionary definition 3) What is a connotation? a) The literal meaning of words/images b) The emotional suggestions attached to words/images c) A metaphor d) A persuasive technique 4) What are the connotations of the colour "blue?" a) Nothingness, emptiness, solitude b) Fear, terror, devastation c) Love, obsession, lust d) Peace, calm, quiet 5) What is the denotation of a shark? a) Fierce, bloodthirsty b) Gentle, kind c) Evil, malicious d) A carnivorous sea creature

Quiz on Terminology

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