1) My uncle ________ (be) in the hospital yesterday. a) is b) was c) were d) are e) am 2) Lily ________ (help) her auntie with the grocery shopping this morning. a) helps b) help c) is helping d) helped 3) We ________ (live) with my grandmother now. a) lived b) lives c) live d) are living 4) I ________ (chat) with my friends during the soccer match just now. a) chated b) chat c) am chatting d) chatted 5) Baby ________ (cry) when hungry. a) cried b) cry c) cries d) is crying 6) Raphael ________ (join) the school basketball team in 2015. a) joins b) joined c) joinned d) is joining 7) We ________ (dance) every day. a) dance b) danced c) are dancing d) dancced

PB (3B) Unit 1 - Simple Past Tense (Miscellaneous)




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