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Gwasanaeth rhagorol i gwsmeriaid - Providing service to a high standard, Cwsmer mewnol  - Somebody who works for the company e.g. supplier, manager, Cwsmer allanol - Somebody who buys from the company, Cynnyrch diriaethol - Something you can see/touch/taste/hold, Cynnyrch anniriaethol - Unable to be touched; not having physical presence e.g a holiday   , Pum pwynt i gloi - When you are selling a product you should leave the customer with the following information: When to buy, how to buy, why to buy, when to pay & how to pay, Sgiliau - Things you acquire and develop such as Literacy skills or Numeracy Skills, Rhinweddau - Personal attributes e.g. caring, kind, thoughtful, Adennill cwsmeriaid - Portraying a good impression to the company you work for and to your customers, Delwedd gadarnhaol - Handling a complaint and ensuring a positive outcome. Complaints can be handles face to face, over the phone or in letter, email or social media, Gwrando gweithredol - Showing the customer you are listening by nodding your head in agreement, giving eye contact, asking questions and confirming back information, Cyflwyniad personol  - Relates to wearing the correct uniform, personal grooming and hygiene and look smart and professional , Cwsmeriaid sydd â gofynion arbennig  - This could be somebody with dietary requirements, medical problems, mobility problems or hearing/sight impairments, Disgwyliadau cwsmeriaid - All customers will have expectations when it comes to quality and service. Companies should try to exceed the expectations of a customer, Mathau o gwsmeriaid - Different types of customers could be business, leisure, families, groups, couples and individuals,

Terminoleg Gwasanaeth i Gwsmeriaid - Travel & Tourism


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