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These are normally used for raising the vehicle for minor repairs or when it does not need to be fully raised. , These are used to lift and move heavy components, especially engines. These are used to lift and move heavy components, especially engines. , These are used to support the vehicle when it has been raised by a portable jack., Compressed air tools provide an efficient way of tightening and loosening nuts and bolts. , This is used to raise the vehicle above head height. , A device used to mark material. This tool is often used in conjunction with marking dye, a steel rule and a surface plate. , This is a device used to mark circles and arcs on materials , These are accurately finished tools that provide an accurate sized hole., A tool used along with drill bits to cut accurate size holes. The tool could either be hand, electrical or air operated. , These are used to obtain measurements between faces or shaft diameter., Their main use is to check sizes and measure wear in cylinders and on shafts. They are available in a range of sizes to cover most diameters., These are available in a variety of shapes and teeth cut. The main use is to remove metal to achieve flatness or appropriate shape., This is a device used to cut an external thread. , This is the most common type of spanner used in the workshop environment. It incorporates both an open end and a ring end. , These should only be used when a ring spanner is not suitable, This type of spanner has a ring at each end. These ring ends are usually different sizes., These pliers are used for small or awkward situations. , A type of spanner that incorporates a ratcheting mechanism. These are available in multiple sizes and used for working in confined spaces. ,

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