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Historical sites you visited , An interesting person you met in the summer, Something you bought during holiday, The best food you ate in the summer, What you wish you had taken a picture of this summer, A day that you wish hadn't happened this summer, Something you made this summer, The best word to describe this summer , My most memorable moment of the summer , The person you spent the most time with in the summer, Something you should have done in the summer, Something you regret doing in the summer, A movie you watched and enjoyed over the summer, Interesting news or fact you learnt in the summer, If you could give your summer a smell, what would it be?, If you could have travelled anywhere this summer, where would you have gone?, What festival or party did you attend this summer?, What old place did you revisit after a long time?, What new place did you visit this summer? , Give 2 reasons why this summer was better or worse than last summer.

Summer questions


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