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King - At the top of the feudal system. , Tenants-in-Chief - Also known as barons. Rewarded with land after the Battle of Hastings. Loyal to the King. , Under-Tenants - Also known as knights. Expected to fight for forty days each year. Loyal to the barons. , Villeins - At the bottom of the feudal system. Live and work on the knights' land. , Land - The basis of the feudal system. William of Normandy divided this amongst his supporters. , Fealty - Loyalty to the person above you in the feudal system. , Paying Homage - A religious service where the "vassal" (servant) swore fealty to their "lord" (master). , Loyalty - In return for land each person owed this to the person above them in the feudal system. , Anglo-Saxons - Lost all their land after the Battle of Hastings. ,

The Norman Conquest - The Feudal System


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