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1) PAST TENSE: EAT --> I _______ a sandwich last week. a) eaten b) eated c) ate 2) PAST TENSE: SLEEP --> I only _______ two hors last night. a) slept b) sleept c) sleeped 3) PAST TENSE: CUT --> She _______ the drawing yesterday. a) cut b) cuted c) cuts 4) PAST TENSE: WRITE --> I _______ a letter last week. a) wrote b) writed c) writen 5) PAST TENSE: DRIVE --> My mum _______ a lorry for two years. a) drived b) drove c) driven 6) PAST TENSE: DRINK --> My brother _______ a glass of milk yesterday in the morning. a) drunk b) drank c) drinked

Irregular Verbs


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