1) Where is the family going to? a) to the city b) to the countryside c) to the beach 2) What did Daddy pig promise to see? a) butterflies, ducks and trees b) birds, trees, frowers 3) are they going to see dinosaurs? a) yes b) no 4) what helps them to find a way to go? a) grass b) map c) car 5) what did Daddy pig forget in the car? a) food for picnic b) map c) umbrella 6) what did Peppa find on the ground? a) footprints b) breadcrumbs 7) What does binnoculus do? a) it makes things smaller b) it makes things bigger 8) how many baby birds were there in the nest? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 9) What do birds eat? a) worms b) apples c) leaves 10) Whose footprints are there? a) bees' b) mouse's c) ants' 11) who had an umbrella? a) Peppa b) Mommy Pig c) George 12) Who helped them to find a way back? a) ducks b) ants c) cats 13) Who loves picnic? a) everybody b) nobody




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