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Mary is ten [years] old. She is [from] Dorset. [Her] hair is long and brown. She has got brown [eyes]. She has [got] a cat and a dog. Their [names] are Pat and Fluffy. Pat, the dog has got a [small] house in the garden. Mary’s [cat], Fluffy is 3 years [old]. Mary’s [mother] is Jane. She is a teacher. [She’s] thirty-six years old. Her [husband] is Nick. He is thirty-eight. He’s a [bus] driver. He has got brown [hair] and blue eyes. Jane’s hair [is] blonde and her eyes [are] brown. They have got three [children] Mary, Sean and Peter. Sean is six and Peter is twelve years old. Sean’s hair is blonde, Peter’s hair is brown. The [boys] have got blue eyes..

Cloze Test - Mary’s Family


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