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[Hi]! Nice to meet you! My name [is] John Smith. I am 19 and [a] student in college. I go to [college] in New York. My favorite [courses] are Geometry, French, and History. English is [my] hardest course. My [teachers] are very friendly and smart. It’s my [second] year in college now. I love it!I live in a [big] house on Ivy Street. It’s near the college [campus]. I share the house with three other [students]. Their names are Bill, Tony, and Paul. We help each other with [homework]. At the [weekend], we play football together. I have a younger [brother]. He just started [high] school. He is 14 and lives with my parents. They live on Mulberry Street in Boston. Sometimes they [visit] me in New York. I am [happy] when [they] visit. My mum [always] brings me sweets and candies when they come. I really miss [them], too!.

Cloze Test - My name is John


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