My parents ____ to New Orleans two years ago. Since then, I ____ a lot of great places in this fun city. One of the best experiences I ____ so far was the trip to the bayou that I ____ last spring. There ____ a lot of bugs and mosquitoes flying around, but I ____ a lot of fun! Some of the trees ____ like knees popping out of the water - I ____ that was funny, but my mum ____ it. I also ____ some raccoons and some wild hogs running around, and I even ____ to hold a baby alligator! I ____ on some other famous tours recently. Last month I ____ the Street Art walking tour with my dad, and I ____ a lot of interesting murals. I even ____ one! I ____ the Voodoo Museum yet, but it's on my list. I'll probably go there during our spring break; I can't wait!

Unit 3, 1A My Hometown - Past simple vs present perfect




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