blizzard - a big storm with lots of snow and wind, hot chocolate - a hot drink made with milk, water & chocolate, sled - the perfect ride for snowy conditions, black ice - a thin coat of glaze on the roads that makes it tricky to drive, frozen - having turned to ice as a result of extreme cold, sleet - little ice pellets mixed with snow & rain, snowflake - a unique feathery ice crystal that floats down to the ground, snowperson - a figure of a person made with packed snow, winter - the coldest season of the year, January - the first month on the calender, slippery - a surface that is very hard to walk or stand on without falling down, snowball - a little ball of packed snow perfect for throwing, husky - this type of dog is made for snow, slope - a long hill perfect for sledding or skiiing, skis - strap these to your feet and off you go!, icicle - a hanging piece of ice made by dripping water, frostbite - freezing of one's fingers and toes when playing in the snow too long, gloves - wear these on your hands to keep warm, summer - no school, no snow during this time, chilly - brrrrr...i need a coat because its...,




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