1) My house is _____ than yours. a) bigger b) more big c) a big 2) This flower is _____ than that one. a) beautifuler b) as beautiful c) more beautiful 3) This book is as _____ as Harry Potter. a) more interesting b) interesting c) interestinger 4) A holiday by the sea is _____ than a holiday in the mountains. a) better b) gooder c) more good 5) Cats are not as ________________ as dogs. a) friendler b) friendly c) more friendly 6) It is strange but often a coke is _____ than a beer. a) more expensive b) most expensive c) expensiver 7) The weather this summer is even (bad) _____ than last summer. a) worse b) worst c) badder 8) London is _____ than Madrid. a) largest b) more large c) larger 9) Oranges are as ________as lemons. a) healthy b) healthier c) more healthy 10) I was _________ than my friends. a) happier b) happyer c) more happy  11) Vegetables are _________________ than sweets. a) more healthy b) healthier c) healthyier 12) Tennis is not as ____________ as football. a) popular b) more popular c) less popular




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