Jack: Hi, Mark. It’s me, Jack. Mark: Hi, Jack. Jack:____ your sister watching Tv? Mark: No, she ____. Jack: Are you and your sister playing computer games? Mark: Yes, ____ are. Jack: ____ you sitting in your room? Mark: No, I ____ . I ____ sitting in my brother's room ! Jack : Are your parents cooking? Mark: No, they ____ . They____ watching TV with my sister! Maria: Hi, Angela. It’s me, Maria.Angela: Hi, Maria.Maria: ____ you enjoying the party?Angela: Yes, I ____.Maria: Are you and your friends dancing?Angela: Yes, ____ are.Maria: ____ your granny sitting in the garden?Angela: No, she ____ . She____ dancing too!Maria: Are your parents dancing?Angela: No, they ____ . They____ talking to my friends’ parents! George: Hi, Alec. ____ me, George.Alec: Hi, George.George: ____ you enjoying the meal at your granny's house?Alec: Yes, ____ are.George: Are you watching Tv?Alec: No, I ____ not.George: ____ your grandad playing chess?Alec: No, he ____ . He____ reading a newspaper.George: Are your parents talking?Alec: No, ____ aren’t. Kunegunda : Hi, Fredek. It’s me, Kunegunda. Fredek: Hi, Kunegunda. Kunegunda: ____ you and Krzysiek doing homework? Fredek: No, we ____ . Kunegunda: Are you stydying English now? Fredek: No, I ____ not. Kunegunda: ____ your baby brother crying? Fredek: No, he ____ . He____ taking a bath. Kunegunda: Are your sisters singing? Fredek: No, ____ aren’t.

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