1) I'm very interested ____ basketball. a) of b) in c) for 2) Would you like some wine ____ the meal? a) to b) for c) with 3) I'll be back ____ an hour. a) in b) for c) after 4) Is David married ____ Cindy? a) by b) to c) with 5) I've been learning English ____ three years. a) for b) in c) since 6) I went to Rome ____ air. a) with b) on c) by 7) I've bought my daughter a bike ____ her birthday. a) for b) to c) in 8) I was in the Army ____ the War. a) under b) for c) during 9) He lives ____ the corner of Green Street and Park Road. a) by b) at c) with 10) Don't speak ___ him now, he's not feeling very well. a) at b) to c) with 11) Why are you ____ such a bad mood today? a) in b) on c) at 12) Where are you going ____ your holidays? a) to b) under c) for




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