1) It was _________ driving I have ever seen. a) the best b) well c) good 2) Peter sang __________ than all the others. a) loudly b) louder c) loud 3) The holiday wasn't ___________ the one we had last year. a) expensively b) expensive c) as expensive as 4) She's a good student: she works ____________ than the others. a) carefully b) more carefully c) more careful 5) Would you play ______________, please? I'm trying to sleep. a) quieter b) quietly c) more quietly 6) Of all the people in the factory, Joan works ________________ . a) the most efficient b) the most efficiently c) the efficientest 7) The weather isn't ___________ I had expected a) as bad as b) as worse as c) as badly as 8) This is the _________ company in the world. a) bigger b) biggest c) most big 9) She plays the piano ____________ than anyone else in her class. a) more beautiful b) as more beautiful c) more beautifully 10) Mr Jones is ___________ person in the village a) the most older b) the oldest c) older 11) Mark hit the ball very __________. a) hardly b) harder c) hard 12) He doesn't ski as ________ as his sister a) good b) well c) goodly 13) I think they both behaved very __________. a) rudely b) rude c) rudest 14) I waited _________ than anyone else. a) longer b) longest c) longly 15) Do you think older people drive ________ than younger people? a) more slowly b) slowlier c) slower




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