1) What is the full name of the USA? a) The United Stars of America b) The Union States of America c) The United States of America d) The Union Stars of America 2) What is the capital city of the USA?  a) New York City b) Washington, D.C. c) Los Angeles d) San Francisco 3) How many states are there in the USA? a) 50 b) 51 c) 52 d) 53 4) What does the flag of the USA look like? a) b) c) d) 5) How many stars and stripes are there on the USA flag? a) 15 stars and 30 stripes b) 50 stars and 13 stripes c) 13 stars and 50 stripes d) 30 stars and 15 stripes 6) Where does the president of the USA live? a) the Black House b) the Yellow House c) the White House d) the Red House 7) What is the biggest city in the USA? a) Washington, D.C. b) Los Angeles c) San Francisco d) New York City 8) What is the nickname of New York City? a) the Big Pear b) the Big Apple c) the Big Orange d) the Big Pineapple 9) What's the name of the famous statue in New York City? a) the Statue of Liberty b) the Statue of Libertas c) the Statue of New York d) the Statue of America 10) How high is the Statue of Liberty? a) 80 b) 83 c) 90 d) 93 11) What is the name of the famous American amusement park? a) Disneyland b) Disneyhouse c) Disneypark d) Disneystate 12) You need a bat, a glove, a ball and a helmet to play... a) basketball b) American football c) baseball d) football (soccer) 13) What are the most popular sports in the USA? a) basketball, handball & baseball b) American football, basketball & baseball c) basketball, soccer & tennis d) American football, baseball & rugby 14) What is the name of a traditional American instrument that looks like a guitar? a) benjo b) benyo c) banjo d) banyo 15) What is the name of the traditional American folk song? a) Oh! Suzy b) Oh! Louisiana c) Oh! Susanna d) Oh! Alabama 16) What is the name of the famous movie town in the USA? a) Holywoods b) Hollyfood c) Hollymovie d) Hollywood 17) How do we call a special day when children go trick-or-treating? a) All Saints' Day b) All Souls' Day c) Halloween d) Thanksgiving 18) When do Americans celebrate Halloween? a) October 30 b) October 31 c) November 1 d) November 31 19) What is some of the popular American food? a) hot dog, hamburger, mac and cheese & apple pie b) hamburger, taco, mac and cheese & pizza c) hot dog, kebab, sandwich & hamburger d) fish and chips, hamburger, hot dog & apple pie 20) How do Americans say "autumn, sweets, lift and taxi"? a) autumn, candy, elevator and taxi b) fall, sweets, lift and cab c) fall, candy, elevator and cab d) fall, candy, elevator and taxi




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