1) Where is the cat? IT IS....... a) In the chair. b) On the chair. c) Under the chair. 2) Where is the boy? HE IS..... a) Between the computer. b) Behind the computer. c) In front of the computer. 3) Where is the girl? SHE IS.... a) Behind the easel. b) Between the easel. c) Under the easel. 4) Where is the cat? IT IS..... a) Next to the football. b) Under the football. c) Between the football. 5) Where are the umbrellas? THEY ARE .... a) Next to the umbrella stand. b) In the umbrella stand. c) On the umbrella stand. 6) Where are the crayons? THEY ARE ..... a) In the pencil case. b) Under the pencil case. c) Behind the pencil case. 7) Where are the crayons? THEY ARE .... a) Behind the boy and the girl. b) Between the boy and the girl. c) Under the boy and the girl. 8) Where are the cards? THEY ARE .... a) On the table. b) In the table. c) Behind the table. 9) Where is the computer in your class? It is....... a) in the table. b) between the table. c) on the table. 10) Where are the boys and girls in your class? a) They is on the chairs. b) They are between the teacher and the door. 11) Where is the teacher in your English class? a) She are next to the computer. b) She is on the chair, next to the computer. 12) Where are the 'hepa filters' in your class? a) They is in the floor.  b) They are on the floor. 13) WHICH PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE DO YOU HAVE TO STUDY AND UNDERSTAND? a) BEHIND b) IN, ON, UNDER, BEHIND, BETWEEN, NEAR, NEXT TO, IN FRONT OF

T2, 28.1.22, PREPOSITIONS (In, on, under, behind, in front of, next to, between)




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