1) Who is it? a) Zoe Zebra b) Rebecca Rabbit 2) Who is Zoe's daddy? a) policeman b) fireman c) postman 3) How many letters were there? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 4) Who was the first letter for? a) for Mommy b) for Daddy c) for George 5) Who was the second letter for? a) For Peppa and George b) for parents 6) What was inside the envelope? a) photo b) postcard c) birthday invitation 7) What envelope did Peppa pick? a) red b) blue c) yellow 8) Who did Peppa come across with? a) with Zoe and her daddy b) with Emily elephant 9) Who all these letters were for? a) for Peppa b) for Suzy c) for Zoe 10) What is going on at Zoe's home? a) they're having a party b) they're doing theit homework 11) Who will deliver all "thank you" letters a) daddy Zebra b) Daddy Pig




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