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Edith - I achieved a level 4a in maths, Valeria - I am proud of coming to Burntwood School, Amber T - Passing grade 1,2 and 3 on the piano, Leshay - I get rewards when I manage to read a whole book, Henna - I won a cup for the best Gujarati handwriting in the whole of South London, Camille - I won a debating competition for Wandsworth, Lily - Star of the whole school, Samira C - I not scared of pigs anymore!, Baylee - I got gold in a gymnastics competition, Ashley - I am proud of raisng £76.50 for our school trip, Maryam - I won an athletics competition for my team, Huda - I learnt 4 songs on the steel pans, Aaliyah - I went canoeing for the first time and managed not to fall out, Nadia - I am not proud of anything :-(, Rita - I believe I can do anything!!, Hafsah - I was awarded the funniest girl in Gatton primary school, Phoebe - getting a 5b in English, Nunziba - I got a level 6 in my mock SATs, Samira A - I got a gold medal for attendance and punctuality, Georgia - I came first in Sports Day, Elsie - Getting a level 7 in swimming, Sadaf - I achieve a level 5 in maths, Amber F - I got the lead role in the school play,

Year 7 induction DSS

by Anonymous


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