Any link you have with a F/G/S speaking country, What your communication skills are like, Any questions you have about the job, A description of your personality, You experience of travelling abroad, Your plans for accommodation, Why you want to work in F/G/S, Other knowledge you have which makes you suitable for the job, Languages spoken, Level of F/G/S, Your IT and communication skills, The dates you are available for work, Which games/sports/activities you can organise, Your experience of working with young people, Your experience of working with the public, Your experience of working with children, Your experience of working with animals, Your experience of working with computers, Your plans for when you leave school, Describe your hobbies, What you do in your free time, What you do to keep fit, What activities you can organise at the weekend, Your ability to communicate with the tourists and explain the offered programmes.

National 5: Unpredictable Bullet Points


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