a blender - You use it in the kitchen to make smoothies, a DVD player - You play a film in it., an electric toothbrush - It cleans your teeth well. It has batteries, a games console - You use it when you want to play video games, a hairdryer - You dry your wet hair with it., a remote control - You use it to choose a channel on your TV, a toaster - You use it to toast bread., a USB stick - It is something you save things on from your computer, a microwave oven - It heats and cooks food very quickly, a power drill - You use it to drill holes in hard materials, a welder - It joins pieces of metal by welding them together, a treadmill - It's a piece of sporting equipment used to allow for the motions of running or walking while staying in one place., a vacuum cleaner - a machine that cleans floors and other surfaces by sucking up dust and dirt, a washing machine - a machine for washing clothes, sheets, and other things made of cloth, a dishwasher - a machine that washes dirty plates, cups, forks, etc, Check it out! - to examine something or get more information about it in order to be certain that it is true, safe, or suitable, You're kidding! - you can't be serious!,

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