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Raymond FitzGerald lands on Baginbun beach with 100 soldiers. , The Normans build a fort on the cliffs at Baginbun. , Raymond FitzGerald's troops raid local villages and steal cattle. , The Irish are angry after the raids and raise an army in Waterford. , The Irish army outnumbers the Normans 10:1. , The stolen cattle break loose and charge the Irish army. , The Irish army are trampled and scattered by the cattle. , The Norman soldiers kill many Irish soldiers and capture 70. , The 70 captured Irish soldiers have their legs broken by the Normans., Alice of Abergavenny beheads all 70 captured Irish soldiers. , Richard de Clare (Strongbow) lands near Waterford. .

The Battle of Baginbun - 1170


Community Damistress Y6

United Kingdom

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