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In 1148 Richard de [Clare] becomes Earl of Pembroke (in Wales). He earns the nickname [Strongbow] because of his use of archers in battle. After being exiled in 1166, Dermot [MacMurrough] asks Strongbow to help him regain his land in Ireland. Strongbow [agrees] to help Dermot MacMurrough, as long as he can marry his daughter, [Aoife] and inherit [Leinster] when Dermot MacMurrough dies. In 1170 Strongbow lands in Ireland with [1200] soldiers.  In time Dermot MacMurrough dies and Strongbow becomes [King] of Leinster. [Henry] II becomes concerned that Strongbow is becoming too [powerful], so sails to Ireland in 1171. After swearing [loyalty] to Henry II, Strongbow is allowed to keep his lands in [England], Wales and Ireland.  In [1176] Strongbow dies, possibly from cancer. He is buried in [Dublin]..

The Invasion of Ireland - The Story of Strongbow

by Damistress


Community Damistress Y6

United Kingdom

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