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Agnostic - Someone who is unsure whether God exists., Atheist - Someone who does not believe that God exists., Evolution - The belief in this is evidence for some that God does not exist., Faith - Complete trust or confidence in someone or something without needing proof., Free Will - The belief that humans are free to make their own choices., Miracles - Events which break the laws of nature and are said to be created by God., Moral Evil - Evil and suffering which is created by humans i.e. murder, genocide etc., Monotheism - The belief that there is only one God., Natural evil - Evil and suffering which is created by the world we live in i.e. earthquakes, tsunamis etc., Omnibenevolent - The belief that God is all-loving., Omnipotent - The belief that God is all-powerful., Omnipresent - The belief that God is everywhere., Omniscient - The belief that God is all-knowing., Prayer - A way in which believers communicate with God., Problem of evil and suffering - An argument used by atheists to show that a loving and powerful God cannot exist if suffering exists in the world. , Theist - Someone who is convinced that God exists.,

Believing in God Key Terms KS3

by Curlywurly24


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