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Goal Keeper - Is the last line of defence. They guard the goal circle and the defensive third, to try and stop the shooters from scoring., Goal Defence - Patrols the goal circle, defensive third and centre third. Their main job is usually to mark the GA to stop scoring, and get the ball up the court and out of the danger area., Wing Defence - Can go into the centre and defensive thirds, but NOT in the attacking third or the goal circle. They must try and stop the other team reaching the goal circle by marking their Wing Attack and intercepting passes. , Centre - able to move in the whole court, with the exception of the goal circles, helping out in both defence and attack. This player restarts the game after a goal has been scored., Wing Attack - can go in the centre third and the attacking third but NOT into the goal circle. This player has to create scoring opportunites by feeding the ball into the shooters., Goal Attack - cannot go into the defensive third, but is allowed in the centre third, attacking third and the attacking goal circle. Their main job is to create scoring opportunities and score goals. , Goal Shooter - is allowed in the attacking third and in the goal circle but cannot go anywhere else on court. This player's job is to score goals.,

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