alter - v. To change in someway; to make or become different, confuse - v. To make or become unclear or mixed up in the mind. To mistake one person for another, distribute - v. To give out; to divide among many; to spread over, eject - v. To force or throw out, embrace - v. To hold closely in one's arms; to hug, equip - v. To provide with what is needed , flexible - adj. Able to bend easily, instant - n. A moment; happening or done at once, quick, keen - adj. Having a sharp edge, having sharp senses, limp - v. To walk lamely or in an uneven way, a lopsided walk; not stiff, scurry - v. To move quickly with rapid little steps, seize - v. To grasp suddenly; to grab hold of; to take by force of law, shallow - adj. Not deep; with a little serious thought, surround - v. To enclose on all sides, victim - n. One who is hurt, killed, or suffers,

Matchy Match Wordly Wise 7 book 4




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