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1) Where can you buy t-shir and pants? a) In the cinema. b) In the clothing store. c) In the fitting room. d) In the shoe store. e) In the houseware store. f) In the dress store. 2) Where can you try the clothes? a) In the trying room. b) In the changing room. c) In the restroom. d) In the cashier. e) In the fitting room. f) In the store. 3) How can you pay for your buyings? a) Credit money and debit card. b) Credit and debit cash c) Credit and debit card and money. d) Cash and credit money. e) Debit cash and credit f) Credit card and debit cash. 4) Where can you withdraw the money? a) Cashier. b) ATM c) Food court. d) Arcade Area. e) Cinema. f) store. 5) What can you do in the cinema? a) Sleep and watch a movie. b) Watch a movie and eat steaks. c) Watch a movie and eat popcorn. d) Watch TV and eat popcorn. e) Watch TV and eat steaks. f) Watch a movie and eat ribs. 6) Where are the restaurants in the mall? a) In the restaurant area. b) In the food square. c) In the food park. d) In the food court. e) In the eat court. f) In the food place. 7) What can you do in the arcade area? a) Buy games. b) Get games. c) Play games. d) Take games. e) Watch games. f) Find games. 8) What can you buy in the toy store? a) Trucks and socks. b) Puzzles and remote control. c) Teddy bear and dolls. d) Cars and pajamas e) Dolls and bones. f) Games and flip flops. 9) In what kind of museum you can make experiments? a) Natural History Museum. b) Art Museum. c) Science Museum. d) History natural museum. e) Cience museum. f) Catavento museum. 10) What can you see in the Natural History Museum? a) Bones and sculptures. b) bones and steaks. c) Stuffed animals and paintings. d) Old objects and fossils. e) Pressed plants and trees. f) Paintings and sculptures. 11) What can you see in the Art Museum? a) Bones and paintings. b) Paintings and experiments. c) Sculptures and fossils. d) Paintings and sculptures e) Paintings and old objects. f) Bones and sculptures




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