1) She ____ rollerskting a) is b) are c) isn't d) aren't 2) What are Tom and John doing? a) They are caving. b) They is playing tennis. c) They aren't playing tennis. d) They are playing tennis. 3) Are they playing tag? a) Yes, they are. b) No, they aren't. c) Yes, they is. d) No, they isn't 4) What is Dido doing? a) Dido is playing with a doll. b) Dido is jogging. c) Dido is palying with a ball. d) Dido is skipping. 5) Princess Karolina ..... a) is dancing. b) are dancing. c) isn't dancing. d) aren't dancing. 6) You .... a) are riding a horse b) are riding a motorbike c) aren't riding a bike d) are riding a bike




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