1) Fast a) Fast, Faster, The Faster b) Fast, Faster, the Fastest c) Fast, more fast, the faster 2) Good a) good, gooder, the goodest b) good, more good, the most good c) good, better, the best 3) Bad a) bad, worse, the worst b) bad,bader, the badest c) bad, more bad, the most bad 4) slow a) slow,more slow, the most slow b) slow,slower,the slower c) slow,more slower,the most slower 5) tall a) tall,more taller, the tallest b) tall,more taller,the most tallest c) tall,taller,the tallest 6) inteligent a) inteligent,more inteligent,the most inteligent b) inteligent,inteligenter,the inteligenter c) inteligent, more inteligenter,the most inteligenter 7) short a) short,shorter,the most shorter b) short,shorter,the shortest c) short, more short, the most short




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