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1) What fraction of the figure was shaded? a) 5/12 b) 1/4 c) 5/8 d) 3/8 2) Given that X : Y = 2:1 and Y : Z = 4:5, what fraction of Z is X? a) 8/5 b) 5/8 c) 2/5 d) 5/2 3) What is the volume of water in the beaker? a) 0.440 litres b) 0.400 litres c) 0.045 litres d) 0.050 l 4) A survey was conducted to find out the types of pets owned by a group of children and the result is represented by the pie chart below. 40% of the number of children owned hamsters. How many children took part in the survey? a) 200 b) 120 c) 80 d) 40 5) Mrs Hwang bought a blouse at 30% discount and paid $21 less than the usual price of the blouse. What was the usual price of the blouse? a) $30 b) $49 c) $70 d) $91 6) Freddy had a total of 270 pens and rulers. After selling 1/3 of the pens and 2/3 of the rulers, the number of rulers left was twice the number pens left. How many pens did Freddy sell? a) 18 b) 45 c) 54 d) 90 7) The figure below is made up of a circle and an isosceles triangle. O is the centre of the circle. The area of the isosceles triangle is 100 cm². What is the circumference of the circle? (Take = 3.14) a) 31.4 cm b) 62.8 cm c) 157 cm d) 314 8) The figure shown is made up of a rectangle and 2 identical squares. The area of the shaded rectangle is thrice the area of a square. The breadth of the rectangle is 3 cm. What is the perimeter of the whole figure? a) 12 cm b) 18 cm c) 24 cm d) 32 cm
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