Every job has advantage and disadvantage. - change nouns to plural, Teaching is a enjoyable job. - change article for before a vowel , We need to find best way to have a good job. - definite article before superlative, In Britain, there are many simple way to find a job. - plural verb and singular noun don't match, Nowadays, everything are digital and computerised. - subject verb agreement - singular verb needed, Working in an shop is easier. - change article for before a consonant, In some factory job you will do same task every day. - change noun to plural and put in missing definite article (the), Finding a job in a way that is suitable for person is not always simple. - Indefinite article missing (a), The benefit of agency is to find type of job to suit you and how much they will pay you. - decide if nouns are plural or singular. If singular add articles. If plural change to plural.,

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