1) The Olympic flag is white and it has  a) 4 coloured rings b) 5 coloured rings c) 6 coloured rings 2) The motto of the Olympic Games is a) SWIFTER, HIGHER, STRONGER b) SWIFTER, LONGER, STRONGER c) SWIFTER, HIGHER, BETTER 3) The Olympic Games take place a) every three years b) every five years c) every four years 4) In the Summer Olympic Games athletes compete a) in more than 20 sports disciplines b) in more than 30 sports disciplines c) in more than 10 sports disciplines 5) The Winter Olympic Games are a) older than the Summer Olympic Games b) younger than the Summer Olympic Games c) as old as the Summer Olympic Games 6) The best athletes in sports events get a) gold, silver and bronze medals b) gold, silver and iron medals c) gold, silver and copper medals 7) The Paralympic Games are organized a) before the Olympic Games b) after the Olympic Games c) in parallel to the Olympic Games 8) The Paralympic Games are games for a) the most popular athletes b) athletes with a disability c) the youngest athletes 9) There are six colours on the Olympic flag: a) white, blue, black, red, yellow and green b) white, blue, purple, red, yellow and green c) white, blue, grey, red, yellow and green 10) The most important thing about the games is a) to win b) to be the most popular c) to take part




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