a garment - an item of clothing, synthetic - made with chemicals, not natural, a consumer - a person who buys things for personal use, exploit - use (someone) unfairly for your own advantage, a landfill site - a place where rubbish is buried, the minimum wage - the smallest amount of money that an employer can legally pay you, sustainable - not damaging to the environment, so able to continue for a long time, trends - a general direction in which something is developing or changing, collapsed - a structure or a person having fallen down, upcycling - unwanted items are redesigned, a brand - a name of a make or logo, a designer jumble - a place where famous brand clothing is for sale, second-hand, perceiving - understanding or thinking about something in a particular way, provenance - the place where something came from, harnessing - making use of, a fashion revolution - a change in the work methods of the fashion world, ethical - following professional standards of conduct, inside out - the inside part becomes the outside part,

L2 Discussion: Debate: Throwaway Clothes Culture - New Vocabulary




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