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What do you do at home after school? , What do you do with your family in the evening? , What do you like doing at school? , What's your favourite lesson?, Tell me about your favourite teacher. , Do you play computer games? How often?, Do you like reading? What do you like reading? , Tell me about your favourite kind of music and your favourite singer., Where do you like going with your friends?, Do you play any sports at school? How often do you play it?, What do you usually do in your free time?, When do you usually watch TV? What do you like watching on TV?, What do you usually do at the weekend?, Tell me about your favourite place., What games do you play with your friends? , Tell me about your best friend., Tell me about your town., Tell me about your home., Tell me about your bedroom., What sports do you like? Do you enjoy watching sports?, What’s your favourite food? What’s your favourite drink? , What do you usually eat for breakfast? Where do you have breakfast?, What do you usually eat for lunch? Who cooks lunch in your house?, Where do you go at the weekend? Who do you go there with? , Where do you like going in the holidays?, Who cooks your dinner? What do you eat for dinner? , Do you have any special hobbies?.

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