1) I am a fruit. I am red. I grow on a tree.  a) orange b) peach c) pepper d) lemon e) apple 2) I am a type of clothing. I keep you warm. You wear me on your head. a) mittens b) sunglasses c) boots d) hat e) goggles 3) I am a vehicle.  I have 2 wheels. I have an engine. a) car b) bike c) motorcycle d) truck e) bus 4) I am a musical instrument. You can hold me in your hands. You use your mouth to make my sound. a) trumpet b) drums c) piano d) violin e) triangle 5) I am a type of pet. I am soft and furry.  I live in a cage. a) dog b) bird c) guinea pig d) cat e) horse 6) I am a holiday. I happen in February.  I'm celebrated with hearts. a) Christmas b) Fourth of July c) Easter d) Thanksgiving e) Valentine's Day 7) I am a type of job. I like to help people. I work in a school. a) doctor b) baker c) policewoman d) banker e) teacher 8) I am an animal. I live in the ocean. I have 8 legs. a) cow b) whale c) hawk d) octupus e) sting ray 9) I am a tool. You use me to work with wood. I am very sharp. a) saw b) screwdriver c) hammer d) wrench e) knife 10) I am a family member. I am a male. I am older than your dad.  a) brother b) sister c) mother d) aunt e) grandfather 11) I am a vegetable. I am green and leafy. You will find me in salads.  a) kiwi b) carrot c)  pepper d) lettuce e) tomato 12) I am a cleaning supply. You would use me to clean the floor. You put me in water to use. a) mop b) dust pan c) hairbrush d) rug e) broom 13) I am an insect. I sting. I am yellow and black. a) fire ant b) lady bug c) bee d) beetle e) frog 14) I am a sport. You play me with a ball. You need a racquet to play me. a) basketball b) track c) hockey d) soccer e) tennis 15) I am a school supply. I come in many colors. You need a brush to use me. a) crayons b) paints c) paper d) scissors e) flags 16) I am a beverage or type of drink. You serve me hot. I go great with marshmallows.  a) lemonade b) hot chocolate c) soup d) soda e) tea 17) I am a body part. I am below your waist. I am connected to your feet. a) shoulder b) elbow c) pants d) arm e) leg 18) I am a desert. You bake me. You hold me in your hand to eat me.  a) ice cream b) cake c) cookie d) popsicle e) pie 19) I am a piece of furniture. You would find me in your room. You sleep on me. a) desk b) bed c) table d) stuffed animal e) dresser




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