Ralph is sick. He has a ____ headache. He can’t sleep at ____. He goes to the clinic to ____ his doctor. The ____ of his clinic is Blaine Medical Center. Ralph ____ the door. The receptionist is ____. She is ____ the phone. Ralph ____. “I can ____ you now,” says the ____. “My name ____ Ralph White,” he says. “ Are you a new ____?” she asks. “No, I have ____ here before,” he says. Ralph waits in the ____ room. Finally, he goes to see the ____. A nurse asks him questions and takes his blood ____. The doctor ____ into the room. The doctor asks ____ questions. The doctor looks at a graph of Ralph’s ____ pressure. “You have ____ blood pressure. You need to ____ medicine every day,” the doctor says. The doctor gives Ralph a ____ for some blood pressure ____. Ralph walks down the hall to the ____. He gives the prescription to the ____. He waits again. The pharmacist calls his name and ____ him the medicine. “Take one ____ in the ____ and take one tablet at night before ____,” the pharmacist says. “Two ____ a day?” Ralph asks. “Yes, two tablets a day. One ____ the morning and one ____ night.”

Ralph Goes to the Clinic--Cloze Passage




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