1) Mom __________ all the clean clothes. a) folds b) puts c) draws d) bakes 2) Billy __________ his dirty bicycle. a) bakes b) wipes c) reads d) washes 3) Amy ________ her toys into the box. a) irons b) paints c) folds d) puts 4) My brother __________ to school. a) walks b) walking c) walk d) is walked 5) My sister ________ up and makes her bed. a) wakes  b) wipes c) puts d) sings 6) Nick ________ the floor everyday. a) stirs b) sweeps c) paints d) plays 7) My mother ________ in the bed. a) sleeps b) washes c) bakes d) sings 8) Millie ________ to the music. a) places b) listens c) wipes d) dances 9) David ________ football with his friends. a) hangs b) makes c) bakes d) plays 10) Harvey ______ a picture. a) irons b) puts c) adds d) paints 11) Mother ________ a chocolate cake for us. a) bakes b) irons c) places d) turns 12) Jake _______ on the paper. a) draws b) hangs c) wipes d) collects 13) May ________ ballet well on stage. a) dances b) irons c) plays d) washes 14) We ________ ____________ every morning. a) get dressed b) stirs c) draws d) takes 15) Mother______ on the washing machine. a) dances b) places c) turns d) draws 16) Molly______ a letter. a) bakes b) dances c) places d) writes 17) My father_____ the car. a) drives b) wipes c) collects d) puts 18) Mother______the samba with Dad. a) bakes b) puts c) plays d) dances 19) Annie ______ the eggs. a) hangs b) stirs c) bakes d) eats 20) Grandmother _______ the eggs. a) paints b) stirs c) sings d) adds




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