1) What do you do when you are cold? a) You put on a belt b) You put on your jacket c) You take off your jacket d) you take off a belt 2) What do you wear around your waist if your trousers are too big? a) a bracelet b) a hoodie c) a belt d) flip-flops 3) What do you put on when you go to the beach in the summer? a) boots b) trainers c) flip-flops d) high heeled shoes 4) A man who works in a bank usually wears a .....? a) skirt b) tie c) cap d) baggy trousers 5) What do you wear when you go to an elegant event? a) a sweatshirt b) a jacket c) a belt d) a dress 6) What do you do before going to bed? a) you wear warm cloths b) you put on your clothes c) you remove your clothes d) you wash your clothes 7) You dress like this on a special occasion. a) casual b) spooky c) formal




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