1) Every morning I________________ up early. a) wakes b) wake c) waking d) am waking 2) My sister __________________ up, too! a) get b) getting c) is getting d) gets 3) ____________________ breakfast in the kitchen? a) Does you have b) You have c) Do you have d) Are you having 4) No, we _______________________ in the kitchen. a) doesn't have b) don't have c) aren't having d) doesn't has 5) We ______________________breakfast in the dining room. a) has b) haves c) have d) is having e) are having 6) Then, my sister ____________________her teeth. a) brush b) brushes c) is brushing d) doesn't brushing 7) __________________________her hair? a) Do she comb b) She combs c) She comb d) Does she comb 8) Yes, she_____________. a) do b) is c) does d) comb e) combs

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