This story _____(happen) to me about five years ago, and it's probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me while driving a car. , I _____ (buy) my car the week before, and I _____(still feel) very excited about it., It _____(not have) air conditioning but that _____(not matter) to me because it _____(is) my first car ever!, I _____(know) that my best friend Penny _____(always want) to visit a picturesque little village in the mountains about 100 miles from where we live, , so I _____(call) her and _____(tell) her that I _____(will) take her there the following day., It _____(is) a perfect, warm spring day. The sun _____(shine) and the sky _____(is) blue., While I _____(drive) and we _____(talk), I _____(see) something out of the corner of my eye., It _____(is) a wasp that _____(fly) into the car! Penny and I both _____(try) to kill the wasp as it _____(buzz) around inside the car., Suddenly, the wasp _____(disappear)! Then I _____(feel) a sharp pain in my arm. The wasp _____(sting) me!, I _____(forget) that I _____(drive) and BANG! I _____(crash) into the car in front of us., Luckily, nobody _____(is) hurt, but that _____(is) the end of our day out, and also the end of my car. , Now tell the story to your partner by memory, using the correct past tenses..




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