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Hello Jean! Do you know you have a girl's name? My name is Pig. There are three ladies in my family: [Mum], [Suki] and [Gran]. There is also a [baby]who cries all night and sleeps all day. I also have a [hamster] called [Houdini] who we keep in a cage and who runs around his tiny wheel all night. They both smell. I used to see my Dad at [weekends] and he took me to [McDonald's] but I don't see him anymore. I don't know where he is now. It doesn't bother me. My best friend is called [Raj]. He is very clever. He's going to grow a [beard] when he grows up. His mum likes me but she says I am a [bad influence] on Raj. My best thing ever is a plastic poo. It has a little plastic [fly] on it. Do you have plastic [poos] in France? I mean can you buy them? I know you don't [poo] plastic! Got to go! Pig.

Pig`s letter to Jean


Community Zaracave Year 7

United Kingdom

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