1) Sumer consisted of a number of... a) empires b) city-states c) independent villages 2) The name of the Sumerian temple was... a) Pyramid b) Ziggurat c) shrine 3) Their economy was based on... a) trade b) farming c) manufacturing 4) Mesopotamian religion was a) monotheistic b) polytheistic c) they didn't believe in gods 5) What was the name of the first Babylonian king? a) Nebuchadnezzar b) Hammurabi c) Cyrus the Great 6) What did Hammurabi create? a) a set of laws for commerce b) a set of laws for division of classes c) a set of laws for justice 7) What was the biggest reason for war between the city-states? a) religious disagreements b) fighting over water c) trade disagreements 8) What is an empire? a) A collection of city-states b) A kingdom passed from father to son c) A large territory ruled by a single leader 9) What was Nebuchadnezzar famous for doing? a) creating a set of laws b) creating many Ziggurats for the gods c) creating the Hanging Gardens 10) Who was the first leader of the Akkadians? a) Sargon b) Hammurabi c) Gilgamesh d) Nebuchadnezzer 11) How did the Akkadians get the resources to build their capital city? a) mined precious stones in the mountains b) collected the tribute from conquered peoples c) expanded irrigation to grow bigger crops d) printed paper money to buy what it needed 12) The Akkadians used steles to a) get water for farming b) attack enemy forces c) record important events d) make objects from metal 13) Over which of the following groups was Sargon the ruler? a) Akkadians b) Babylonians c) Assyrians d) Ninevahans 14) Nebuchadnezzar took captives from which country a) Assyria b) Israel c) Sumer d) Iraq 15) Weapons made of ______ helped Assyria defeat enemies a) Bronze b) Tin c) Copper d) Iron 16) Which invention was developed by the Neo(New) Babylonians? a) Iron weapons b) Sun dial c) Aqueducts d) Cuneiform 17) Which group rebelled against the Assyrians and moved their capital city back to Babylon? a) The Akkadians b) The Hittites c) The Chaldeans d) The Sumerians 18) Which empire was famous for its military strategies and iron weapons? a) The Assyrians  b) The Grizwalds c) The Neo (New) Babylonians d) The Sargons 19) This empire had its capital in Nineveh and created one of the world’s first libraries a) The Akkadians b) The Assyrians c) The Neo (New) Babylonians d) The old Babylonians 20) Which statement is TRUE about Hammurabi’s Code? a) It was kept inside a ziggurat so only the priests and scribes could read it b) Only the lower class had to obey it c) It allowed owners to take the property of slaves d) It allowed for women and slaves to have some rights 21) Which word best describes a political district? a) Caravan b) Province c) Astronomer  d) Ziggurat 22) Which part of Babylon was known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World? a) Aqueducts b) Hanging Gardens c) Walls around the city d) Battering rams 23) Which Mesopotamian achievement helped the most with trade? a) 7-day week b) Sundial c) Astronomy d) Sailboat 24) Who started Empire-Mania? a) Hammurabi b) Sargon c) Nebuchadnezzar d) Sumerians 25) The Sumerians would use __________________ to measure fields and building buildings. a) The pottery wheel b) Geometry c) Astronomy d) Hammurabi's Code 26) Which of the following helped spread ideas around the world? a) Trade b) Religion c) Epics and stories d) Farming 27) What is considered the first piece of literature in history? a) Ten Commandments b) Hammurabi's Code c) Stele d) Epic of Gilgamesh 28) Mesopotamia is made up of a) states b) countries c) city-states d) cities

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