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1) What is the surname of the family that begins with M? a) Montague b) Monteney c) Madrigal 2) What is the names of the family that begins with a C? a) Cauldwell b) Capulet c) Crossland 3) Which family does Romeo belong to? a) Montague b) Capulet 4) What is the name of Romeo's cousin? a) Mercutio b) Tybalt c) Benvolio d) Juliet 5) The Capulets have a violent nephew. What is his name? a) Benvolio b) Tybalt c) Mercutio d) Romeo 6) The play begins with an explanation of the storyline. What is this bit called? a) Advert b) Epilogue c) Prologue 7) What happens in the opening scene of the play? a) Romeo falls in love with Juliet b) Benvolio ends up in a fight with Tybalt. c) Juliet tells Romeo she doesn't want to go out with him. d) The Prince executes Lord Capulet 8) What does the Prince say when he has stopped the Montagues and Capulets fighting? a) Next time, give me a ring so I can join in. b) Next time I catch you fighting I will execute you. c) Next time you fight can you do it in the town centre.
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